Tiberiu Stan, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Northwestern University
Materials Science and Engineering
Voorhees Research Group

Office: Cook 4019
Email: tiberiu.stan@northwestern.edu


Ph.D. - Materials Science and Engineering
University of California Santa Barbara

B.S. - Physics
University of California Santa Barbara


Tiberiu Stan studies dendritic solidification and grain growth using 4D x-ray tomography. When a metal is cooled from the liquid, in nearly all cases from castings to additive manufacturing, the metal freezes via the formation of dendrites. While the aluminum industry alone creates billions of dendrites each year, the mechanisms by which these dendrites evolve remain controversial and not well understood. We use synchrotron x-ray computer tomography (XCT) to provide direct in situ observations of dendrite nucleation, growth, and coarsening. The non-destructive nature of the method enables the study of microstructural evolution in four dimensions (space and time). Using high-performance computing along with advanced visualization and analysis techniques, the 4D XCT studies provide new insights into the fundamental physics governing dendritic solidification.


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