Kyoungdoc Kim, Ph.D.

Northwestern University
Voorhees Research Group

Office: Cook 4028

Ph.D. (2017) – Materials Science and Engineering
Northwestern University
M.S. (2013) – Materials Science and Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
B.S. (2011) – Materials Science and Engineering
Hanyang University

“Interfacial stability of θ′/Al in Al-Cu alloys”
“Machine Learning Accelerated High-Throughput Materials Screening: Discovery of Novel Quaternary Heusler compounds”
“Enhanced Coarsening Resistance of Q-phase in Aluminum alloys by the addition of Slow Diffusing Solutes”
“Energetics of native defects, solute partitioning, and interfacial energy of Q precipitate in Al-Cu-Mg-Si alloys”
“Ostwald ripening of Spheroidal particles in multicomponent alloys”
“First-principles study of crystal structure and stability of T1 precipitate in Al-Li-Cu alloys”
“First-principles/Phase-field modeling of θ′ precipitation in Al-Cu alloys”