Kate Elder

Graduate Student

Voorhees Research Group
Email: kateelder2022@u.northwestern.edu
Office: Cook 4019


Northwestern University
Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D.
Sept 2017 - Present

McGill University - Montreal, Canada
Physics B.Sc. (2016), M.Sc. (2017)

Research Interests:

Time-Resolved X-Ray Tomography Studies of Microstructural Evolution in Materials


Elder, K.L.M., Seymour, M., Lee, M., Hilke, M., Provatas, N. (2018) Two component structural phase field crystal models for graphene symmetries. Philosophical Transactions A, 376, 20170211. (DOI: 10.1098/rsta.2017.0211)
Elder, K.R., Chen, Z., Elder, K.L.M., Hirvonen, P., Mkhonta, S.K., Ying, S.-C., Granato, E., Huang, Z-F., Ala-Nissila, T. (2016) Honeycomb and triangular domain wall networks in heteroepitaxial systems. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(17), 174703. (DOI :10.1063/1.4948370)