Quentin Sherman

Graduate student, Northwestern University
Voorhees Research Group
Oxides for Energy Applications

Phone: 630-359-7564
E-Mail: quentinsherman2012@u.northwestern.edu
Office: Cook 4028

B.S. Physics
Haverford College



Quentin Sherman studies the role of thin film dewetting in metal catalyst nanoparticle formation during solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) fabrication. State of the art SOFCs use wet infiltration, as opposed to co-firing, to decorate the anode surface with an electron conducting metal catalyst. During wet infiltration, a liquid phase metal solution is impregnated into a porous oxide support and subsequently calcined and reduced to leave a metal nanoparticle coating on pore surfaces. Quentin is utilizing long wave theory of thin-film dewetting to better understand how the evaporating metal solution leads to nanoparticle formation, by comparing numerical simulations with infiltration experiments.