Yue Sun

YueSunGraduate Student, Northwestern University
Voorhees Research Group
Microstructure Evolution in 4D

E-Mail: ysun@u.northwestern.edu
Office: Cook 4028

B.S. Physics
Nanjing University, China

Yue Sun studies microstructure evolution during phase transformations by combining experiments, numerical simulations and data analysis tools. Experimentally, Yue uses synchrotron-based high spatial and temporal resolution X-ray computed tomography (XCT) to acquire time-resolved three-dimensional data of morphological evolution of dendritic microstructures in Al-Cu alloys during growth and coarsening. Then he uses the experimental data as initial conditions in phase field model simulations. By comparing the simulation result with the experiment, he is hoping to gain better understanding of the mechanism of sidebranching during free dendrite growth, and interface evolution during concurrent dendritic growth and coarsening. This will hopefully serve as a validation of the existing theoretical models, and provide new insights into the problem.

Yue is also collaborating with Georgia Institute of Technology in developing a two-point statistics method for analyzing large and high dimensional microstructure datasets. He and his collaborators are hoping to apply this method to 4D (space + time) dendritic growth and coarsening data, and get a quantitative yet visually straightforward way of representing the data through a computationally efficient method.