Olivier Comets

Olivier CometsGraduate student, Northwestern University
Voorhees Research Group
Oxides for Energy Applications

Phone: x 7-7089
E-Mail: comets @ u.northwestern.edu
Office: Cook 3053

B.S. / M.S. Physics
Ecole Polytechnique



Olivier Comets develops theories for the behavior of materials used in energy applications, such as in solid oxide fuel cells. His research interests are twofold: i) at the level of the oxide itself: to predict the performances of mixed conducting oxides under stress, ii) at the level of the solid oxide electrolysis cell: to understand and quantify the oxygen bubble formation in the electrolyte under conditions of high current.

Olivier was also social chair of the Materials Science Student Association in 2010-2011, which lead him to organize the visit weekends and other events within the department.